Is There Extra Lumbar Support On Adjustable Beds?

Purchasing an adjustable bed has improved many people’s sleep comfort. This is especially true for those who have sleeping problems.

The number of people with sleeping problems has been steadily increasing for the past few years. Maybe our fast lifestyle has something to do with it. One of the notorious causes of sleeping problems is back pain. Luckily, this is also something that adjustable beds can remedy.

You see, most adjustable beds already have lumbar support designed into them.

What is it?

The lumbar support encompasses anything that can provide an extra boost for your lower back. The lower back or the lumbar region is especially burdened because it bears most of your upright weight when standing.

Supports include but are not limited to bolsters, braces, backrest, and bed. They help by either stopping you from slouching or providing you with extra material on which your lower back can rest. Slouching and improper posture put too much burden on the lumbar area, causing the pain you feel.

The support is necessary to alleviate the pain and prevent the injury that could be worsening as time passes.

Most adjustable beds already have their build in support.  

On Adjustable Beds

Supports especially made for the lower back are now a typical feature in adjustable beds. Different manufacturers have different ways of adding them to their products. However, it is sometimes added to the adjustable bed as an entire base segment that can be moved. It is smartly incorporated into the product so that it can be felt through the mattress. They can also be raised higher or reduced depending on your preference.

However, getting the wrong support can still be detrimental to your back pain. Make sure that you select the right one.

It is also good to know the different ways that the manufacturers add back support to their products.

Some beds are designed so that their entire sections can be adjusted to maximize the mobility of the panels. These beds make great use of an adjustable base for you to modulate it to your preference. Other beds include a specified fixed section for the lumbar region, separating it from the head and foot sections that are both adjustable. Another design enforces your back with a bolster, and others have fixed back and foot sections with mobile head sections.

Back supports are one of the best improvements to be incorporated adjustable beds.