Dynasty DM9000: The Cadillac Of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds are known for their versatility. They are popular particularly among people who have trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep in. The DM9000 is one of the most popular models of Dynasty mattresses on the market, because it’s a high-quality product available at an affordable price. It also offers many functions that can suit your preferences and needs.


These beds offer the following adjustments:

  • Head Tilting 
  • Feet Tilting 
  • Pillow Tilting 
  • Lumbar Adjustments 
  • Wall Hugging 
  • Weight Capacity

Not all of the adjustable beds out there will offer you all of these adjusting and modifying capabilities. Dynasty adjustable beds are one of some that have all of these capabilities. Having these options for adjustment will give you the power to find your desired position when you sleep. 


These adjustable beds will give you not one, not two but many features that will suit your preferences and needs.

  • Remote features

They will offer you remote features that have 18 total buttons/functions.

  • Built-in audio system

It has a built-in audio system that will offer you a full-fledged audio system woofer, sub-woofer, primary speaker, and sub-speaker.

  • Height Adjustability 

You can adjust the height of your bed from 6-inches to 10-inches

  • Massage Features

It has a massage feature. It has three levels of intensity which are low, medium, and high. You can set the timer to 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and 30 minutes with the type of massage you want. It has a dual massage with quad motors. 

  • USB ports

As technology is rising throughout the years, charging for smartphones can be done using USB cables and ports. This adjustable bed has a total of 4 ports, with two on each side.

  • Application

Application for these adjustable beds is available on both Apple and Android.

  • Under-the-bed-lighting and Flashlight

These adjustable beds have under the bed lighting and flashlight features that can operate using the remote.

  • Mattress retention system 

A mattress retention system is available on these beds as it is the one that will guide the bed itself when you are going to adjust it in the position of your preference.

  • Warranty and Price

The Dynasty adjustable beds will offer you your desired price and will satisfy your expectation. A 10-year warranty on labor and parts with an addition of a lifetime warranty on the frame itself is the best offer that they can give.